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Loan Administrative / Officer Training

Since loans typical comprise a majority of any banks assets, the risk of loss poses the single greatest and most significant concern.  The evaluation and management of that risk is essential in the safety and soundness of your institution.  Accordingly, let us help you train and develop the very best.  Instruction is specific and interactive to your institutions uniqueness and culture, covering:

         Policy specific guidelines.

         Analyzing financial statements and tax returns then applying appropriate underwriting methodology with applicable measurement standards and ratio analysis.

         Identifying the primary, secondary, tertiary, and global repayment sources

         Evaluating the 5 Cs of credit.

         Preparing an appropriate loan write-up

         Judgmental objectivity and consistency and correlation with fair lending laws.

         Lending specific laws and regulation compliance

         Recognizing marginality and how to structure with mitigation strategy.

         Appraisal review.

         Risk assessments and ratings

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