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Internal Loan Review / Asset Quality Control
Covering all Commercial Asset-Based CRE ADC Residential/Secondary Marketing, & MSAs Consumer Leasing - SBA Lending - Credit Card/Merchant Services & ALLL.

Regulatory Compliance
Covering the myriad of regulations A to Z - AA, BB, CC, DD transactional testing and tracking. Fair Lending Review - Compliance Policy & procedures & Compliance Management Systems The USA Patriot Act; The Gramm-Leach-Billey Act and The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2003.

Strategic and Business Planning
Business Plan and Marketing Support assisting management in the developmental and attainment of long-and short-term objectives meeting its community credit needs, profit, capital planning and budget.

Policy and Procedure
Assist in the development and review of all significant activities to include loans, investments, asset liability/funds management, internal controls, compliance activities, audit program, appraisal performance/review, environmental risk, asset classification, and MIS.

Loan Administrative / Officer Training
Instructional and interactive process commensurate to the institutions lending culture and propensity for risk - covering adherence to policy and best-practices, underwriting standards, financial statements/tax return analysis, cash flow analysis, key measurement ratios, loan write-ups, loan covenants, administrative and legal documentations, collateral perfection, risk classifications, lending laws, rules, and regulation.